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windows on mac

After using Mac OS X a lot of the MAC users usually do not go back to Windows, but when you give Windows 10 a shot, you will definitely love Windows again. One from the advantages of experiencing a Mac is that you could use OS X and Windows on a single computer without necessity of installing any alternative party tools or Virtual Machines. Using Boot Camp multi-boot utility, you can certainly install Windows on your own Mac. You may also install Windows using any Virtual Machine, however, if you need to use Windows when your daily driver or would like to play some resource intensive software/games (Such As Xmod Games), it’s far better to use Bootcamp to fit Windows with a separate partition. The process is not complex by any means. Just Follow the steps below.
Windows 10 on MacBook Pro

Steps to fit Windows 10 on Mac OS X using Bootcamp

1. First of all using a Windows PC Download ISO of Windows 10 using Media Creation tool and transfer the ISO image on your Mac.

A. Launch Media Creation Tool
B. Select Create installation media for an additional pair PC.

Windows 10 Create installation media

C. Now Select Language, Windows 10 Edition and 64-bit Architecture from dropdown menu and simply click Next.
Select Windows 10 Version
D. Select ISO File, visit Next and select the place where you intend to store Windows.iso file.
Now, it’ll start downloading the ISO file.
Download Windows 10 ISO file

2. Insert USB Flash Drive. Now, launch Boot Camp Assistant from Launchpad.Click on Continue then check Create a Windows 8 or later install disk and Install Windows 8 and then version options and Continue.
Select Windows 8 or later version
3. Select location in the Windows.iso file, you can view the attached USB Flash drive as Destination Disk. Continue to erase the USB Flash drive and make your bootable USB drive to set up Windows 10 in your Mac.
Select Windows.iso file

– Click “Continue”
USB drive has formated
Installation media is now being copied

4. Now Boot Camp Assistance ask you to produce a partition for Windows Installation. As chances are you’ll know to put in Windows it must be a NTFS partition, and that means you need to separately allocate some space for Windows installation. This space is going to be formatted to NTFS during Windows Installation. I would recommend that you allocate 25 GB with this. 25 GB will be sufficient unless you are planning to setup some large software or games as part of your Windows 10.

Create Windows 10 partition Boot Camp

After allocating the dimensions by dragging the divider between OS X and Windows partition, to left and right, simply click Install.

5. After finishing of Partitioning disk select Install to begin the installation process.
Start Installing Windows 10 on Mac using Boot Camp Assistance

6. Now your whole body will reboot and Windows 10 Setup will show up. Next Choose a foreign language, Time & Currency and Input method and click Next.
select language time currency

7. Now, you will note the list of accessible partition to setup Windows 10. Select the partition and that is labeled as BOOTCAMP. You will see that an email stating that Windows can’t be set up on this partition. We must format this partition to NTFS to put in Windows upon it. Click on Format.
Format BOOTCAMP partition

8 A warning message look. Click on Ok.
Click on OK
Once Format completes, you can select Next to begin the installation.
Click on Next to begin Windows 10 Installation

9. Windows 10 installation are going to be started, your system is going to be restarted number of times during mobile phone.
Windows 10 installation running

Once done, Windows 10 first-time set up window will show up, follow onscreen instructions, chances are you’ll select Express Settings and let Windows pick the recommended settings in your case.
The First time you login to Windows 10, the Boot Camp setup will be, Complete set up .. If the create window won’t appear automatically, you’ll be able to open the USB drive you have used to fit the Windows 10 and visit BootCamp folder and launch setup file. Once Boot Camp gets installed, your whole body will restart.

Windows 10 running on Mac

Now, Windows 10 are going to be your default Operating System. So, once you will turn on your own Mac, your Mac will load Windows 10 as opposed to OS X.

You can make which OS to start into by holding about the Option button during system startup.
– Choose OS MacBook

You also can choose OS X since your default OS, as opposed to Windows 10 from Boot Camp Control Panel.

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