Meet Erika


Meet Erika

I’m Erika Madden, the Chief Delightful Officer of Olyvia. (“Chief Olyvia” if you need to get super fancy.)

Why am I here? One reason: to aid women control their digital image, rise to the top, to make more money by using a powerhouse combo of digital customer care + reputation + marketing savvy.

In short?

I’m in the commercial of making YOU look irresistible online.

Part communications & reputation expert and part internet marketing strategist, I’m the consultant packing the smart skills that permit you to make more cash doing what’s essential to you — and check great (like, really really delightful) while you’re in internet marketing.

I help you if you:

  • want to take a look sophisticated + reputable on all your digital spaces
  • utterly delight your visitors and clients
  • dream about using a passionate, supportive community that goes wild over anything you do
  • are determined to come with an online presence that doesn’t look scammy OR silly
  • know that PR faux pas prevention is much easier than scrambling to get the (cringeworthy) piecesBUT maybe…
  • you don’t be aware of first thing about what your prospects really want to experience from you
  • you go a little crazypants inside (and quite often out!) facing online complaints or criticisms
  • you secretly worry that you’re not experienced or competent enough to have the publicity + next-level success you want
  • you need objective guidance in building a website + social networking presence that’s as profitable as it’s pretty
  • should you’re really honest, you simply don’t make time to actively protect and shape your brand’s online reputation

(Also, should you love your coffee with plenty of cream + you cry as you’re watching TV commercials? I help you, too.)

I have 11+ years launching and growing blogs, developing websites, and helping businesses, non-profits, and folks market themselves both internet and off.

Plus, I’ve worked from the corporate world in demanding customer care roles.

My experience has educated me in one big truth: it will take hard work to be seen (for those right reasons) on the web, and it’s even harder to acheive it in a way that is strategic, professional, and outrageously attractive.

But guess what happens else I know?

The hardest things to perform in life are those that are most worth pursuing.

Not because there’s anything inherently meaningful about knowing how to check irresistible online, but as a result of what it’s likely to mean on your life after you can…

1. genuinely surprise + thrill your visitors,
2. earn a five-star reputation,
3. and initiate making money and never having to resort to spam/threats/half-truths.

That’s what matters. And that’s why I’m here.

I’m so glad you’re here, too.

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